Data privacy

The trust of our customers

Our most important capital is the trust of our customers. Protecting customer data and using it only in the way our customers expect us to is our highest priority. That is why it goes without saying that we comply with the legal provisions on data protection.

To guarantee these high standards, we have an external data protection officer.

Order data processing

If personal data is collected, processed or used on behalf (e.g. car dealership) by other bodies (e.g. call centre, letter shop), the customer (e.g. car dealership) is responsible for compliance with the provisions of this Act and other regulations on data protection. The same applies if access to personal data cannot be excluded within the scope of remote maintenance and support.

The responsible body (car dealership = customer) makes use of another body (AutoDo! = contractor) which collects, processes or uses personal data for it on behalf of and in accordance with instructions.

The ordering party remains fully responsible for the handling of its personal data by the service provider. Within the framework of order data processing, data movements between the customer and the contractor are treated as equivalent to internal use and thus privileged. Accordingly, there is NO data transfer in the sense of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). This means that for the transmission no consent and also no contract winding up must be consulted as an act of permission.

Due to this privilege, however, the legislator forces the client to conclude data protection contracts with the contractor for order data processing.

As service is not an empty promise for us, we as your service provider have prepared an appropriate data protection contract for you:

If you have any further questions on this subject, please contact us by e-mail at datenschutz[at]